Autumn Beauties – Kevin Hobbs (an experienced horticulturalist)

In his introduction Kevin said that heavy pruning, widely practised, is not advisable, as it can remove elements that contribute to the subsequent development of plants. Grass heads, as well as looking spectacular, provide food for insects and birds, and leaves can protect plants from the ravages of climate. The glorious colours of Autumn were […]

Carnivorous Plants From Around The World – David Tite

Dionaea mascipula, commonly known as The Venus Fly Trap has many forms, and the advice was to put it on an ants’ nest at the end of the Summer. Cephalotus follicularis, found in Australia, grows in inhospitable, inaccessible places, such as cliff tops, has flowers on long stems and “in a pot is stunning, or […]

Rose Care and Underplanting – Thomas Stone

Choose healthy plants, preferably ball-root, and use good compost, Rootgrow (mycorrhizal fungi) and Vitax Q4. Thomas digs square holes,  planting in the middle, an inch deeper than the hole itself, taking the roots to the edges, to encourage root spread. When pruning ensure very sharp secateurs and pruning saws, getting rid of dead or diseased […]

Shrubs of Distinction – John Negus

Whatever the size or style of our gardens shrubs can form a key element in their framework and the wide range available enables us to maintain year-round interest Initially, John asked his audience which shrubs in their gardens had coped well in the current hot dry weather: Osmanthus, Euonymous, Hebe and Mimosa were mentioned and […]

Growing in Containers – Richard Loader (Nurseryman)

Richard Loader, a Nurseryman with 40 years experience,  he is also a professional photographer whose photos of flowers appear in journals and magazines. Richard indentified the main principles. The shape of the pot matters. Avoid a narrow base and a pot that tapers at the top as that makes potting on difficult. He recommends Yorkshire […]

Primulas and Auriculas by Alan Edmondson

“Primulas and Auriculas” was the subject of a talk given to Littleton and Harestock Gardening Club by Alan Edmondson Msc, an experienced horticulturalist, former National Mastermind of Gardening and past President of the National Auricula and Primula Society. So numerous are the forms of this colourful genus that they are split into thirty sections, Alan […]

Pests and Diseases by Ray Broughton

“Pests and Diseases” was the subject of a talk given to Littleton and Harestock Gardening Club by its President, Ray Broughton, lecturer and horticultural consultant. Ray has used a powerful microscope to examine and observe a range of the aphids that feed on the sap of plants, as shown in slides. The knowledge gained is […]

Enjoying dahlias and chrysanthemums by Bryan J Madders

Bryan J. Madders, who has been Chairman of the New Forest Dahlia and Chrysanthemum Society and is a public speaker and judge spoke to Club members about these varied and rewarding plants. The chrysanthemum came from China, and is also the national flower of Japan. They can be grown from seed, the early forms lasting […]

Beautiful Bulbs by Andy McIndoe

Andy McIndoe, Writer, Lecturer and Broadcaster gave the Ted Wedge Memorial Lecture to Littleton and Harestock Gardening Club, his subject “Beautiful Bulbs.” We were reminded that a bulb is the first plant we all grow, often a hyacinth, and that both Spring and Summer bulbs are a great way to add colour, and, in pots, […]