Camellias by Jennifer Trehane

Jennifer Trehane, Plantswoman, Lecturer and Broadcaster gave a talk on Camellias to the Littleton and Harestock Gardening Club. The Camellia is a genus of flowering plants, (shrubs and trees), in the family “theaceae”, found in Eastern and Southern Asia, from the Himalayas to Japan and Indonesia. There are 300 species and around 3,000 hybrids. The […]

Vegetable Growing by Kelvin Mason

Vegetable Growing was the subject of a talk given by Kelvin Mason, Lecturer in horticulture at Sparsholt College. Kelvin prefaced his main subject by pointing out that the current economic climate in the UK and Euro market is experiencing rising prices, so it is cost effective to grow vegetables now. Seed catalogues are currently available […]

My Time With Hilliers And Chelsea by Ricky Dorlay

“My Time With Hilliers And Chelsea” was the subject of the talk given to the Club by Ricky Dorlay. After leaving school Ricky worked on a farm, as a student, with pedigree pigs and Guernsey cows, on a small-,holding with Ayrshires, and again on the 120 acre farm. When it was bought by Sir Harold […]

The Hillier Gardens Throughout the Year by David Jewell

David Jewell, former Wisley Superintendent, and currently Head of the Plant Collection at Hillier Gardens spoke to the Club about The Hillier Gardens Throughout the Year. Originally created by Sir Harold Hillier who collected seeds and plants worldwide, the Gardens span 180 acres and receive 200,000 visitors annually. It is a charitable trust with a […]

The White Garden by Chris Bird

“The White Garden” was the subject of the talk given by Chris Bird, a broadcaster and lecturer at Sparsholt College. A knowledgeable and humorous speaker, who engaged with his receptive audience, Chris showed in many slides, how all year round interest can be achieved using not only flowers but shrubs, trees and imaginative features. Starting […]

Passion for Poppies by Sandy Worth

Sandy Worth spoke about her “Passion for Poppies”. She previously created a recognized collection of Papaver orientale , went on to trial some Super Poppy hybrids, and thence developed her own varieties, with equal success. Sandy advised that her collection is closed, at present, but she showed us photographs, taken by a professional, depicting stunningly […]

Successful Garden Maintenance by Ray Broughton

Ray Broughton, Lecturer, Horticultural Consultant, and our Club’s President, spoke to us about “Successful Garden Maintenance”. We were given detailed advice, updating and information on good practice. Any chemicals to be used as pesticides must be approved by UK law. Milk, vinegar, salt and flowers of Sulphur are now excluded, but recommended is SB Plant […]

Report of the March AGM and Spring Show meeting

Report of the March AGM and Spring Show meeting on 15th March 2017 Sixty five members attended the AGM and Spring Show. Club Chairman Ted Ashley, who has completed his three year tenure, spoke about the progress and achievements of The Club, led by a dedicated Committee that has embraced change, whilst maintaining established good […]

Growing Vegetables in a Small Garden by Geoff Hawkins

“Growing Vegetables in a Small Garden” was the subject of a talk by Geoff Hawkins, an experienced gardener, broadcaster and consultant. The particular benefit is that such vegetables will be fresh, but another is interest, as you can be creative in maximizing a limited space, using all manner of containers: bags, pots, boxes, even tyres, […]

Autumn and winter in all its glory by John Anderson

“AUTUMN AND WINTER IN ALL ITS GLORY” was the title of the talk given to the Club by John Anderson, since June 2016 Keeper of the Gardens at Windsor Great Park, an extensive and varied area, opened in 1950. Previously John was Head Gardener for over a decade at Exbury Gardens, which he is credited […]