Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden by Ray Broughton
The March talk on Zoom which preceded the AGM was given by Ray Broughton who is the Chairman of our garden club and always a popular and amusing speaker.

His talk on Landscaping covered many aspects of the subject and recommended feature trees and shrubs included Acer griseum with its lovely peeling bark and Prunus Amanogawa which is perfect for a small garden.
Specimen shrubs like Cornus Kousa and Cornus Alba which has striking Winter colour make an impact.
New species of Vinca provide a long season of blue flowers and are invaluable as ground cover.
Ray recommended Pine Bark flakes as a decorative mulch.
He suggested using 60cm sq grass blocks for making a new path which is less slippery
A good fertiliser is important and Vitax Q4 is good.

We look look forward to welcoming Ray back soon and encouraging us to rethink areas of our gardens.