Pests and Diseases by Ray Broughton

The speaker brought an electron microscope to the meeting and used that to show various pests and diseases projected onto a big screen.

Clerodendron and buddleia with misshapen leaves caused by the Peach Potato Aphid, a climbing rose with mildew and aphids and a Peony with Peony Blotch – Controlled by Invigorator.

Leaf of a lemon plant with egg nests of Thrips and some Scale insects whose body shells hadn’t hardened and should be sprayed immediately.

Pittosporum with die back caused by cold. Pinch out tips and feed with Vitax Q4

Willow with saw fly . They were too big to spray but will be alright next year

Currants with blister aphids. Spray with water in December to wash off females and treat with Invigorator

Garrya Eliptica with frost damage and leaf spot – Need feeding

Gerbera with grubs of leaf miner – Invigorator spray at end of June

Pear scab. Collect and destroy leaves in autumn spray buds with invigorator in spring

A Leucanthemum with climbing slugworm. Hoe around plants and birds will consume pest.

Shallots with leaf miner and downy mildew caused by wet conditions.

Anemones with discoloured leaves. Spray now with invigorator to prevent further damage.

Don’t use bone meal on chalky soil, better to use half strength Vitax Q4. Plants in peat free compost need feeding earlier. Spring flowering plants need small amounts of Potash feed from December.