Great presents for Christmas, concentrate on pot plants, bulbs and cut flowers.
Pointsiettas can be kept in a warm room, but avoid over-watering. A yellow ring on the leaves indicates this is happening.
A pot of small chrysanthemums is a good present for someone who doesn’t want to spend time looking after plants.
Azaleas need plenty of water, but don’t leave them standing in it!
African violets make a good present but should not be placed in direct sunshine.
Cyclamen need light but should not be over-watered.
The message is: be aware that they need different treatment!
Pots of hyacinth, tulip or daffodil bulbs make a good present – “Brilliant Star” (a popular red tulip) – and recommended that you should avoid mixing bulbs in the same pot unless you are sure that they are consistent in their need for water and light.
If you have cut flowers make sure that you “condition them” before they are put in a vase.

Now that the cold weather is starting, recommend covering up Celeriac with fleece or bank them up with soil, otherwise frost will turn them to slush.
Leave seed heads alone; they add beauty to the garden, particularly when frosty, and provide food for the birds and cover for the insects. He mentioned Veronicastrum as a striking example, and fennel.
November is the time to plant tulips; they should be at least 4 inches deep,
Strongly advised marking the position of plants, particularly the “special” ones, having lost quite a few in the past. In Spring it can be quite difficult to remember – or find – things you planted in the Autumn.
Although alpines don’t mind the cold, they hate wet weather in the winter, cover them with glass or clear acrylic sheets, remembering to weigh the covers down to avoid them being moved by the wind.