Composting and Recycling by Kelvin Mason

Our October Zoom meeting was presented by Kelvin Mason.  His talk Composting and Recycling was very helpful to those who do make compost and those who are interested to try.  The benefits are: Saves money on fertiliser Reduces pollution Can be self sufficient in organic matter Good soil improver Good garden husbandry   Containers Pallets […]

Clipping, Pruning and Cuttings in your Garden by Darren Lerigo

Our September Zoom talk by Darren Lerigo was titled Clippings, Pruning and Cuttings in your Garden. Darren has given us a previous talk and his enthusiastic approach makes for a very interesting evening. His main interest is topiary and he had some lovely slides giving examples of his work.  All that is needed are a […]

Plant and Garden Photography by Richard Barnes

Our July Zoom meeting was hosted by Richard Barnes who is a professional garden photographer, writer and speaker on horticultural and garden design. His photographs were stunning and he encouraged amateur photographers to ‘think outside the box’ whether using expensive equipment or simply a phone camera. Below are some of his suggestions for better pictures: […]

Cacti and Succulents, an Introduction by Ian Thwaites

Our June Zoom meeting was Cacti and Succulents, an Introduction, presented by Ian Thwaites who is an award winning professional plant and garden photographer and also Chairman of the British Cacti and Succulent Society.   His beautiful photos were certainly an inspiration to anyone thinking of growing cacti which are proving very popular at the […]

What Shall I Do With This Space by Darren Lerigo

Our May Zoom talk was by Darren Lerigo from Modern Mint.  Darren is a gardener and topiary artist dedicated to managing gardens in an environmentally friendly way, encouraging bees and other wildlife. His lively talk entitled What Should I Do With This Space asked us to consider what we really wanted from our gardens. Our […]

The Life and Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll by Leslie Chamberlain

Our April Zoom meeting was a talk by Leslie Chamberlain on The Life and Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll. Gertrude was born in 1843 into a wealthy family and spent her youth living at Bramley House in Surrey. Later she enrolled at the South Kensington School of Art and worked as a painter and watercolourist. She […]

Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden by Ray Broughton

The March talk on Zoom which preceded the AGM was given by Ray Broughton who is the Chairman of our garden club and always a popular and amusing speaker. His talk on Landscaping covered many aspects of the subject and recommended feature trees and shrubs included Acer griseum with its lovely peeling bark and Prunus […]


Gardening By The Moon – Science or Myth by Charles Jennings

In January we welcomed local scientist Charles Jennings to give a Zoom presentation on Gardening by the Moon…Science or Myth. Charles grew up on his fathers farm in Australia where the climate was always a challenge. In 1969 his father agreed to a biodynamic trial where crops were planted on a particular day. This established […]


All Muck and Magic. The Answer Lies in the Soil by Geoff Hodge

Geoff Hodge a Garden writer, broadcaster & horticultural consultant gave a highly practical talk to the club:   There are several types of garden fertilisers – the main ones are either liquid or granular. Liquid feeds include Tomorite and Phostrogen. Any fertiliser has to be absorbed as a liquid so if  you are using one which […]

Easy Ways to Better Gardening by Adam Pascoe

Adam Pascoe a gardening journalist, whom has edited Gardeners world and Waitrose Gardeners magazine, a photographer, broadcaster, horticultural consultant and presenter! Travelled all the way via Zoom from Peterborough and gave some great advice of easier gardening…. Suggestions for geraniums: magnificum and Rozanne Astrantia ‘Roma’ Helianthus Lemon Queen Obedient plant ‘Rose bouquet’ – tall Shasta […]