All Muck and Magic. The Answer Lies in the Soil by Geoff Hodge

Geoff Hodge a Garden writer, broadcaster & horticultural consultant gave a highly practical talk to the club:   There are several types of garden fertilisers – the main ones are either liquid or granular. Liquid feeds include Tomorite and Phostrogen. Any fertiliser has to be absorbed as a liquid so if  you are using one which […]

Easy Ways to Better Gardening by Adam Pascoe

Adam Pascoe a gardening journalist, whom has edited Gardeners world and Waitrose Gardeners magazine, a photographer, broadcaster, horticultural consultant and presenter! Travelled all the way via Zoom from Peterborough and gave some great advice of easier gardening…. Suggestions for geraniums: magnificum and Rozanne Astrantia ‘Roma’ Helianthus Lemon Queen Obedient plant ‘Rose bouquet’ – tall Shasta […]

The ups and downs of public speaking by Ray Broughton

40 years ago I gave my first talk! Ray our club president gave some great anecdotes of his experiences during his illustrious speaking career so far and reminded us all about what you can and cannot put onto your garden: No Milk, vinegar or salt. In 2020, I’ve looked back over my 10,000 photographic slides […]

Evening of Gardeners’ Questions Answered by Steve Bradley

Why do plum trees fail to come into flower? Possibilities:- Pigeons are eating the blossom. Most plum trees need pollinating; the exception is the Victoria plum  which is self pollinating.  A commercial pollinator may be needed. Feed the tree roots via a drip line at flowering time with Sulphate of Potash, How do I grow […]

How The National Trust Manage Stockbridge Down and Marsh by Catherine Hadler

Catherine Hadler, an Area Ranger for The National Trust, spoke to the members of The Littleton and Harestock Gardening Club about the Trust’s management of Stockbridge Down and Marsh. Catherine manages both, working with a team of conservation volunteers. The Down was gifted to the Trust by Rosalind Hill in 1947, named in a plaque […]